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Snow's Bend Farm


Margaret Ann & David Snow
Coker, AL

Following college graduation, Margaret Ann and David decided to have an adventure.   They found an organic farm to work on for the summer.  They packed up and drove to Washington state, where they learned the basics of farming.  Long days spent working outside, learning new skills, and feeling accomplished resulted in a love of farming, growing and cooking food, and building community united around those ideals.

When their internship ended in 2004, the two returned to Alabama, to David’s family land, and decided to try to start their own farm.  The fertile alluvial soil set on the banks of the Black Warrior River, has been used for agriculture for hundreds of years, though never quite like this.

On Snow’s Bend, Margaret Ann and David, along with a well-trained crew of farmers, grow over 50 different vegetables (encompassing more than 200 varieties), herbs, cut flowers, a few fruits, and raise pastured pork.

In helping to form the Alabama Organic Family Farms Alliance, Margaret Ann and David hope to grow the network of farmers in the state that they have always called home, build up and support other farmers, and ensure a strong and healthy future for farms like their own.

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