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Mountain Sun Farm


Brian & Liz Simpson
Mentone, AL

Mountain Sun Farm is a certified organic fruit and vegetable farm located on Lookout Mountain in Mentone, Alabama.  We're passionate about growing produce organically within an ecological system - and offering our customers an option to buy affordable food that's fair and healthy for the consumer, environment, farm crew, and farmers. 


We both graduated from Auburn University's College of Agriculture in pursuit of our long-held goal to work in organic agriculture. This is our 6th season farming full-time as self-employed farmers with no off-farm jobs.  As of Spring 2020, we have about 8 acres in production. 

Our farming methods prioritize ecological diversity and improving soil quality through intensive cover cropping, crop rotation, natural fertilizers, promoting beneficial insects, trap cropping, and only using natural pesticides that are not synthetic, not persistent, and do not have unpreventable high toxicity to non-target organisms.


We use applications of beneficial soil bacteria/fungi/nematodes, plant extracts, minerals, and baking soda to control plant pests and disease. We do not use any herbicides, we instead use mechanical cultivation and cover cropping for weed control. Aside from strawberries, we don't use plastic mulch on our farm.

The farm is a member of 1% for the Planet and donates 1% of total annual sales to environmental non-profits.  We've been certified organic through QCS since 2015. 

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