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Our Mission

To preserve and enhance Alabama’s organic family farms through elevating, inspiring, and helping one another while simultaneously educating Alabama food and farm enthusiasts on the issues facing the state’s family farms.

Our Story

The Alabama Organic Family Farms Alliance was born when the three founding farms (Mountain Sun Farm, Belle Meadow Farm, and Snow’s Bend Farm) talked over lunch one January day in 2020.  We discussed the future of small, family farms and how best to preserve them - for those of us that enjoy eating well and for those that want to be farmers themselves one day.  We are a 501(c)5 non-profit organization.


In forming the AOFFA our goals are:


  • To make it simple for market shoppers and small farm supporters to know exactly who we are and what they are supporting when they buy from one of our member farms

  • To support each other and find ways of working together to ensure the future of our farms and other small farms like them

  • To share knowledge with each other and the larger community

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