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A Farmer-Managed, Grassroots Farmers Market! 


Winter hours: 9am - 1pm

Summer Hours 7am - 12pm
Automatic Seafood and Oysters
2824 5th Ave South 
Birmingham, AL

Vendor Criteria:


  • Organic farms are given priority.

  • Must be a local farm-produced food; a prepared food produced with organic and/or local farm ingredients; or flowers, which feed the soul.


  • Farm or business must be operated by the owner as a full-time career for their livelihood

  • Viability is dependent on the farm being managed to sustain a profit, albeit meager at times.

Our Winter Vendors

Belle Meadow Farm

Snow's Bend Farm
Mountain Sun Farm


Mattie's Garden

Cericola Granola 

Chai Shai



For any market inquiries, please email our market manager, Esa Juarez, at


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